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Dethatching Services

Idaho Service Areas include Idaho Falls, Rigby and Shelly.


Dethatching your lawn can be time consuming and exhausting, but it’s necessary to preserving the health and beauty of your grass and soil. Why break your back trying to use a power rake, when KC Lawn Care in Idaho Falls, ID can do all the hard work for you? We offer affordable, professional power raking services to dethatch your lawn and leave it looking fresh and lush.


Thatch is a layer of decomposed organic material that accumulates between the top of the soil and the bottom of the grass blade. Thatch accumulates over time and does not only leave your lawn looking dull and lifeless, but can also inhibit the growth of new grass. KC Lawn Care uses state-of-the-art power equipment similar to lawn mowers or aerators to whisk the thatch away when it gets too thick. Call KC Lawn Care in Idaho Falls, ID today to schedule an appointment.

Dethatching Services for your lawn in Idaho Falls Idaho

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