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Idaho Service Areas include Idaho Falls, Rigby and Shelly.


Protect Your Sprinkler System during the Winter Months by Winterizing your system with KC Lawn Care.

Don't have a Sprinkler Blowout?

Since we live in a climate that has freezing temperatures in the winter months, sprinkler systems need to have water drained from the exposed pipes. This will prevent them from breaking. We also recommend having a professional winterizing service completed. This is where all of the water is blown out of the underground pipes and sprinkler heads. This will lead to increased life of your system.

Winterizing services are completed in October through early November each year. When KC Lawn Care completes a sprinkler winterize service, we turn off the water to the sprinkler system and open the drain. Next we turn the test cocks in the backflow device to release the pressure in the device. This allows the water to drain down and is an important part of the service. Then an industrial air compressor is used to blow all of the water out of the sprinkler lines. This will prevent damage to the underground pipes and system during the winter months.

In-Ground Water Sprinkler Systems Idaho Falls Idaho

We Recommend you Winterize Your Sprinkler System Early To Avoid Damage To Your System such as Sprinkler Blowouts.

Since Idaho weather can be unpredictable, KC Lawn Care begins their winterizing services in early October. We recommend that you schedule your appointment as soon as we are in your area. Every year we have customers that wait until late October and into November. Those customers end up calling upset because of frozen pipes and costly repairs.

The Weather Outside Is Already Freezing And We Have Not Shut Off Our System. Should I wait Until Next Year To Get It Winterized?

Many Idaho Falls Residents have thought to just wait until next year to get their sprinkler system winterized. KC Lawn Care recommends getting a Sprinkler Winterizing service done no matter how late you think it might be. This will help protect against further damage that the cold can bring to your Sprinkler System.

Why Should You Winterize Your System?

Sprinkler System maintenance is one of the most important services for keeping your sprinkler system in operating order. When a sprinkler system is not winterized in the cold Idaho Falls winters, it allows the possibility of cracks and breaks to occur to your system. In some cases, it can also lead to complete failure of your backflow. If a system is not winterized properly the same problems may occur. For this reason, it is best to have a professional winterize your system. At KC Lawn Care we address several possible repairs that may arise from improper winterization. Listed below are some reasons why you should winterize your sprinkler system.

1. Water left in the sprinkler head can cause the head to crack.
2. Water left in the pipe can cause the line to crack.
3. Low water pressure is due to a crack in the line.

If you have one of the problems listed above the cost to repair them can easily reach thousands of dollars. Do not wait until its to late! Call KC Lawn Care today to take care of your Sprinkler System!

Sprinkler Start Up/Sprinkler Activation

When the freezing temperatures cease during Spring, it is time to have your sprinkler system ready to start watering your lawn again. Sprinkler start up should be done by someone who has the proper experience in sprinkler systems. If your sprinkler activation is not done correctly it can cause severe damage to pipes and sprinkler irrigation components.

Having the right lawn care professional is important, so make sure to give KC Lawn Care a call so we can ensure your sprinkler system is activated properly.

Sprinkler Repair Services

It is inevitable that your sprinkler system will require proper maintenance and repairs in it’s lifetime, so make sure to have KC Lawn Care test and inspect your system so we can properly maintain it.

We are well-trained to solve sprinkler system issues including locating valves, fixing broken sprinkler heads and nozzles, fixing leaks, and replacing controllers if necessary. We can service all brands of sprinkler systems including Rain Bird, Weathermatic, Hunter, and many others.

With our many years of experience, combined with our commitment to providing the best service we can to our customers, we would appreciate your business. Just fill out our Lawn Care Contact Form for more information or give us a call.

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