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Mulch Installation/Bark Refresh

Idaho Service Areas include Idaho Falls, Rigby and Shelly.

There are many reason why mulch can help your landscape, trees and flower beds. Keeping weeds at bay, protecting your plants from harmful elements, locking in moisture in the soil to help nourish your plants and trees, and keeping your yard looking neat and clean.

Proper mulch installation and refreshing the bark in flower beds and around trees, keeps proper nourishment and moisture directed towards the plants, flowers and trees. It servers as a blanket protecting the roots from frost and other harmful weather.

KC Lawn Care offers a variety of mulches which will benefit your plants, flowers and trees throughout the year. Whether you need new mulch installed around your trees and flower beds, or they need refreshed with bark mulch, we’ve got you covered.

Flower Bed Mulch Installation Idaho Falls Idaho

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